Fermentation Microbiology And Biotechnology - 2/E

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Fermentation Microbiology And Biotechnology - 2/E

By E M T El Mansi,C F A Bryce

Retaining valuable information from the first edition, including fermentation kinetics and flux control analysis, this new edition addresses numerous topics that have risen to importance. New chapters explore the production of primary and secondary metabolites such as amino acids, nucleotides, and vitamins, as well as antibiotics, immunosuppressants, and anti-tumor agents. The authors examine advances in enzyme and co-factor engineering, cell immobilization, and sensor technology. Packed with examples and industry case studies, and requiring only a basic microbiology background, the text is accessible to academic and industry researchers, as well as students in applied microbiology, and pharmaceutical biotechnology.


*Fermentation Microbiology and Biotechnology: An Historical Perspective. Microbiology of Industrial Fermentation. Fermentation Kinetics.

*Microbial synthesis of primary metabolites: Current advances and future prospects. Microbial Synthesis of Secondary Metabolites and Strain Improvement. Metabolic Analysis and Optimization of Microbial and Animal Cell Bioprocesses.

*Flux Control Analysis: Basic Principles and Industrial Applications. Enzyme and Cofactor Engineering and their Applications in the Pharmaceutical and Fermentation Industries.

*Application of Metabolic Engineering to the Conversion of Renewable Resources to Fuels and Fine Chemicals: Current Advances and Future Prospects.

*Cell Immobilisation and its Applications in Biotechnology: Current Trends and Future Prospects.

*Biosensors in Bioprocess Monitoring and Control: Current Trends and Future Prospects.

*Fermentors: Design, Operation and Applications.

*Control of Fermentations: An Industrial Perspective. Modelling, Software Sensors, Control and Supervision of Fermentation Processes.

Author: E M T El Mansi,C F A Bryce

ISBN: 0849353343

Pages: 576

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Author E M T El Mansi,C F A Bryce
Publisher Ane
Page count 576

Categories: Biological Science

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