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The only book explaining Chinese Fengshui in full detail and compares with Vaastu feature by feature. 
The Indian Vaastu has established itself firmly in India. Comparatively less known in India is the Chinese Vaastu which is known all over the world by the name ‘fengshui’ 
Fengshui is popular in Far East, Europe and the USA. In USA alone there are over thousand fengshui practitioners. 
This book however is different. A reader familiar with Indian Vaastu is apt to get totally confused when he studies Chinese fengshui as there are several areas of contradiction.
The book therefore not only familiarizes the reader on all aspects of fengshui but also compares every feature of fengshui with vaastu and points out the best course to adopt based on practical experience of the author. 
Thus it fills an important need of those interested in both subjects.
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Subject Fengshui
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Author Dr. A. R. Hari
Publisher A.R.Hari
Language English
Page count 271
Book Format Paper Back

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