Feng Shui And You

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Facing problems pleasing your wife? Here's something more effective than diamonds. Longing for a successful career? Here it comes.. instant and easy. Want to improve your health and wealth? Well the wait is over.
Feng Shui and You - the most comprehensive and useful Feng Shui book ever. Packed with some easy-to-follow, practicable Feng Shui tips that will definitely improve your home, health, career and wealth. Divided into four sections for your convenience, this book tells you what to do, what not to and how to improve upon a particular Feng Shui defect. Authored by Feng Shui expert, Gita Kapoor in a friendly, interesting and easy-to-read style, this book is your everyday guide to well-being.
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ISBN 9788189906240
Author Gita Kapoor
Language English
Page count 208
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