Examples In Structural Analysis

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Examples In Structural Analysis


By William M. C. Mckenzie




Structural analysis is an essential core subject in all civil/structural undergraduate programs of study. In addition it is frequently included in the curriculum of other disciplines such as building and architecture.

Students adopt a variety of strategies when developing their knowledge and understanding of structural behavior. This new textbook focuses on the use of worked examples using traditional 'hand' methods of analysis. A step-by-step approach has been adopted in all solutions and where required, the appropriate concepts and principles are explained and integrated within the text.

Examples in Structural Analysis is suitable for levels of study ranging from first to final years in relation to civil/structural, building and architecture courses. The comprehensive and extensive selection of problems given in the book (i.e. almost two hundred detailed solutions) provides an excellent resource for both lecturers and students seeking fully worked examples on different structural analysis topics. It is alsoan ideal reference text for use in design offices and practices involved in the construction industry.

1. Structural Analysis and Design

2. Material and Section Properties

3. Pin-Jointed Frames

4. Beams

5. Rigid-Jointed Frames

6. Buckling Instability

7. Direct Stiffness Method

8. Plastic Analysis Appendices

About The Author:

William M.C.Mckenzie is a Teaching Fellow at Napier University, Edinburgh, and has been actively involved in teaching, consultancy and research for more than twenty-five years. He is also the author of four design textbooks.



Author: William M. C. Mckenzie

ISBN: 041537054X

Pages: 720

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Author William M. C. Mckenzie
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Page count 720

Categories: Engineering Science

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