Everyday Pilates + 15 Minute DVD

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Get Real Results Anytime, Anywhere

Everyday Pilates + 15 Minute DVD

No need for classes or special equipment – practice Pilates for just 15 minutes a day – and see real results

Get a toned, strong body and graceful posture with 15-Minute Everyday Pilates

    * Clear step-by-step photos show you the details of each exercise
    * Live-action DVD demonstrates all four sequences in the books
    * Written by Alycea Ungaro, Owner of Alycea Ungaro’s Real Pilates, New York’s largest Pilates studio

Exercising at home has never been more effective!

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ISBN 9781405326580
Author Alycea Ungaro
Publisher Dorling Kindserley
Language English
Page count 128
Book Format Paperback + DVD

Categories: Health, Mind & Body Books

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