Engineering Mechanics - Statics and Dynamics

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Engineering Mechanics - Statics and Dynamics



By Jivan Khachane



Engineering mechanics is a vital subject of every program in engineering. This is a comprehensive book meeting complete requirements of Engineering Mechanics course of under graduate students. This book has been written to explain the basic principles of engineering mechanics and an attempt has been made to present the subject in a simple and sequential manner to enable the students acquire a good grasp of the fundamentals. Standard notations are used throughout and important points are stressed. The subject matter has been discussed theoretically as well as mathematically in a systematic way, starting from the basics, keeping in mind the actual difficulties by the students during study.

Each chapter contains an adequate numbers of solved problems along with equal numbers of exercise problems, with answers, to imbue self-confidence in the reader. The structure of this book is framed to serve both the average and brilliant students



1. Statics
2. Support Reactions
3. Analysis of Truss
4. Centre of Gravity and Moment of Inertia
5. Friction
6. Lifting Machines
7. Transmission of Power
8. Kinematics
9. Kinetics
10. Shear Force and Bending Moment


About The Authors:

Jivan Kachane got his B.E. (civil) degree from NMU, Jalgaon (MS). He took the M.E. (construction technology and management) degree from RGPV, Bhopal (MP). Presently he is Senior Lecturer in Applied Mechanics Deptt. at Pillais Institute of Information Technology, Engineering, Media Center and Research (PIIT), Panvel, New Mumbai. He has published number of technical papers in various national conferences. He has authored Energy, Ecology, Environment and Society.

Mrs. Ruchi Shrivastava got her B.E. (civil) degree from M.S.U. Baroda (GJ). She took the M.E. (Geotech. Structure) from M.S.U. Baroda (GJ) in 1998. She has taught Engineering Mechanics to undergraduate students for a number of years.



Author: Jivan Khachane, Ruchi Shrivastava

ISBN: 8180521087

Pages: 400

Price: Rs.225/-

Author Jivan Khachane, & Ruchi Shrivastava
Publisher Ane
Page count 400

Categories: Engineering Science

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