Engineering Geomorphology

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Engineering Geomorphology

Theory and Practice



By P. G. Fookes, E. M. Lee, J. S. Griffiths


Geomorphology is the study of the processes that shape the earth’s surface to create landforms. The earth’s surface is not static and landform changes through time can cause significant harm to life, property and the efficient utilization of natural resources.

Over the last few decades engineering geomorphology has developed to support a number of distinct areas within civil engineering :-

• Evaluation of the near surface ground for design and construction of man-made structures;
• Estimation of risks to civil engineering projects from earth surface processes;

• Determining the availability of resources for construction, especially aggregates;
• Assessment of the effects of civil engineering projects on the environment.

Engineering Geomorphology: Theory and Practice provides a compact and comprehensive introduction to the subject. The emphasis is on the nature, scale and consequences of landform change over timescales relevant to civil engineers (engineering time). A central theme is the need to view the site-specific conditions generated by surface processes as the product of changes occurring throughout earth surface systems in response to variations in past and present ambient conditions.

The book is divided into five parts : Part I covers the basic geomorphological concepts that underpin efforts to explain the causes, mechanisms and consequences of landform change; Parts 2-4 show how the earth surface systems on hillslopes, rivers and the coast work, and, by doing so, generate hazards, define the ground conditions, and provide resources for engineering projects; and Part 5 presents common techniques that are available to investigate geomorphological situations that might affect engineering works.

With a combined experience in excess of 100 years, the authors have been in the vangurard of the development of engineering geomorphology. The book focuses on pragmatic techniques that have proven useful and effective in all forms of engineering investigation. The result is a book of pioneering and fundamental importance for undergraduate, postgraduate and practicing geomorpholgists and geologists, as well as practicing engineers and it is the logical continuation and development of the seminal and successful work a Geomorphology for Engineers.


Foreword; Prologue; Preface; Acknowledgements; Part I : Landform Change; Part II: Slopes; Part III: Rivers; Part IV: The Coast; Part V: Investigation Techniques; Key References; Index.


About The Authors:

Professor Peter Fookes is widely regarded as the ‘father of engineering geomorphology’ and his contribution has been recognized through four visiting professorships and many awards from professional and learned societies. As an international consultant he has worked in more than 90 countries on a huge variety of projects inclusing bridges, dams, tunnels, roads, airports, docks, pipelines and power stations. He has published almost 200 papers and several books and is now a Distinguished Research Associate at Oxford University.

Dr. Mark Lee is one of the world’s leading engineering geomorphologists with an international practice, formerly in industry and academe for over 20 years. He has particular experience in terrain evaluation, landslides and coastal cliff recession, and has undertaken pioneering work on geohozard risk assessment.

Professor James Griffiths holds a personal chair in Engineering Geology and Geomorphology at the University of Plymouth. The combination of 15 years full time industrial experience followed by a similar period in academe provides him with an invaluable perspective on the emerging discipline of engineering geomorphology.



Author: P. G. Fookes, E. M. Lee, J. S. Griffiths

ISBN: 1904445381

Pages: 296

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Author P. G. Fookes, E. M. Lee & J. S. Griffiths
Publisher Taylor & Francis
Page count 296

Categories: Engineering Science

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