Effective Parenting

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Being a parent is one of the toughest jobs you’ll ever undertake. This book will show you how to make it one of the most rewarding as well.


Whether you have a tantrum-throwing toddler at home or a truant teenager, or even if you belong to an organization working for the empowerment of children, you need to know how to develop your natural abilities to improve every aspect of the lives of your wards. Effective Parenting provides practical tools for parenting and answers every query of yours on how to raise a well-adjusted, happy and health child.


Based on the parenting principles used by parents of world-renowned leaders as well as current research regarding growth patterns of boys and girls, Dr Chona shows the reader how to create a highly atmosphere at home while instilling self-control, maturity and morality in a child’s outlook.


She draws upon her own experience as both a parent and educator, to shed light on the often baffling art of parenting. Right from planning for a baby, selecting the right school, dealing with sulky teens, raising children with special needs, or even helping you gauge your parenting style and where you could be going wrong, this book is highly reassuring and helpful to anyone starting on the path of parenthood, or even those already on their journey.


Effective Parenting is guaranteed to make the job of parents, family members and day-care professionals much more joyful and rewarding.


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ISBN 9788189988590
Author Dr. Shayama Chona
Publisher Hay House
Language English
Page count 214
Book Format Hard Bound

Categories: Pregnancy & Parenting Health, Mind & Body Books

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