Dreaming Big | बड़े सपने देखे [Hindi Book]

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Hindi Translation of "Dreaming Big"

With a clear dream, you wake up expectantly. You face challenges with a positive mental toughness. You know where you are going. Without a dream, it is typical to sleep as late as possible, drag through the day, and flop into bed exhausted . . . only to repeat the routine tomorrow. "Dreaming Big" is for those who want to harness their core passions into a daily productivity powered by natural energy. It takes you on a thirtyone day adventure of finding, clarifying, and enjoying your dream. Your life dream may be so big it cannot be contained in one short lifetime or reached by yourself alone.

"Dreaming Big" teaches you how to build a team that will share your dream, take it to new heights, and influence the next generation. Dreaming Big helps readers define their 'Life Dream' and experience an entirely new level of natural energy. Co-authored by Bobb Biehl and Paul Swets, Dreaming Big describes a Life Dream as a crystal clear vision of the difference the reader wants to make in the futurea vision so compelling that it energizes for a lifetime.

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Translator Dr. Sudhir Dixit
ISBN 9788183221530
Author Bobb Biehl & Paul Swets
Publisher Manjul Publication
Language Hindi
Page count 227
Book Format Paper Back

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