Dr. Spock On Parenting

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Sensible, Reassuring Advice for Today's parents from America's Most Trusted Parenting Expert

An essential guide for today's parents -- from the world-renowned pediatrician and author of Dr. Spock's Baby and Child Care.

In this classic text, Dr. Benjamin Spock addresses the changing of traditional family structure and the challenges contemporary parents face. From two-job families to single parenthood, this timely reference offers sound, reliable advice on today's difficult parenting issues, including:

" understanding the role of the modern father
" developing healthy eating habits
" adapting career demands to a baby's needs
" evaluating child care outside the home
" handling your child in public places
" dealing with sleeping problems
" teaching your child about strangers
" nurturing your child's potential
" talking to children about sex, disease, death,
" religion and God
" handling divorce and custody questions

Author Benjamin Spock M.D.
Language English
Page count 386

Categories: Pregnancy & Parenting Self-Help Books

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