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By M.Morris Mano, California State Univerity, Los Angeles


This popular introductory text on digital design focuses on presenting the fundamental concepts and the basic tools used in the design of digital circuits and systems.


The main revision in this edition is the introduction to Verilog Hardware Description Language (HDL) as a new tool for logic simulation and synthesis of digital circuits. The Verilog HDL presentation is at a suitable level for students who are learning digital circuits for the first time. The HDL material is covered in nine separate sections interspersed throughout the book. The companion CD provides the Verilog HDL source code files and two types of simulator software – one to enable students to simulate and verify the solutions of HDL problems in the book and the other to simulate and analyze the circuits designed in the laboratory.


A companion Website at includes supplementary resources for teachers and students.


Additional Features new to Edition

Reorganized material on combinational circuits is now covered in a single chapter.
The emphasis in the sequential circuits chapters is on design with D flip-flops instead of JK and SR flip-flops.
The material on memory and programmable logic is consolidated in one chapter.
Coverage of register transfer level (RTL) design procedures, prepares students for more advanced design projects and further HDL Verilog Studies.

Author: M.Morris Mano

ISBN: 8120320956

Pages: 516

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Author M.Morris Mano
Page count 516

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