Criminal Psychology : New Trends And Innovations

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Criminal Psychology : New Trends And Innovations

By Rajpal Kaur

Criminal Psychology is the study of the wills, thoughts, intentions and reactions of criminals. The study goes deeply into what makes someone commit crime, but also the reactions after the crime, on the run or in court. Criminal psychologist are often called up as witnesses in court cases to help the jury understand the mind of the criminal.

The subject-matter will be drawn on the one hand, from that already presented by psychological science, but will be treated throughout from the point of view of the criminal judge, and prepared for his purposes. On the other hand, the material will be drawn from these observations that alone the criminologist at work can make, and on this the principles of psychology will be brought to bear.

Contents: Preface. 1. Criminal psychology: an introduction. 2. Foundations of attitude toward human behavior. 3. Preconditions of national literatures. 4. Conditions of stakes and positioning. 5. Conditions of emergence: running the show. 6. Determinants and prevention of criminal behavior. 7. Driver behavior and road safety. 8. Normal personality development. 9. Personality disorders. 10. Neurotic disorders. 11. Psychotic disorders. 12. Normal personality in operation: conflicts and defense. 13. Information retrieval: trends and processes. 14. Information retrieval: reconstructing faces. 15. Future role of the police officer. Bibliography. Index.

About the Author: Rajpal Kaur, M.A., M.ED., is at present Principles Shri Guru Harkishan Sahib College for Women, Ludhiana Dist., Punjab. Mrs. Rajpal Kaur is an educationist by profession with interest in Psychological studies. She has over ten years of teaching experience in various educational institutions. She has been to Pakistan for SAMF2004 and is active in various cultural and educational programmes.

Author: Rajpal Kaur
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