Core C++-A Software Engineering Approach

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Core C++


A Software Engineering Approach



By Victor Shtern


For courses in C++, C++ Intermediate Programming, and Visual C++.

For developers with experience in any language, Victor Shtern's Core C++ teaches C++ the right way: by applying the best software engineering practices and methodologies to programming in C++. Even if you've already worked with C++, this comprehensive book will show you how to build code that is more robust, far easier to maintain and modify, and far more valuable.

Shtern's book teaches object-oriented principles before teaching the language, helping you derive all the power of object-oriented development to build superior software. Learn how to make design decisions based on key criteria such as information hiding and pushing responsibilities from clients down to server classes. Then, master every key feature of ANSI/ISO C++ from a software engineer's perspective: classes, methods, const modifiers, dynamic memory management, class composition, inheritance, polymorphism, I/O, and much more.

If you want to build outstanding C++ software, coding skill isn't enough. Objects aren't enough. You must design, think, and program using today's best software engineering practices—and with Core C++, you will.




Author: Victor Shtern

ISBN: 0130857297

Pages: 1237

Price: Rs.2499/-

Author Victor Shtern
Publisher Ane
Page count 1237

Categories: Software & Programming

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