Copycat Marketing 101

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How To Copycat Your Way To Wealth

Copycat Marketing 101 will make you aware that most people are stuck in a situation without growth, because they've been taught to copy people who are in jobs that mean salary caps and financial dependence. In short, most people are copycatting the wrong plan! In this book, you'll learn that the current system most people copycat is designed to create temporary income not true wealth because it's based on linear growth of trading time for money. You'll learn that the key to true wealth is leverage, and you will learn about a dynamic form of leverage that wealthy people have been copying for centuries called exponential growth. Best of all, you'll find out how average people can break out of the time-for-money trap by copycatting a simple, duplicate able system of wealth creation that will open the door to financial freedom, once and for all! "Copycat Marketing 101" is Burke's fourth book on free enterprise and personal development.

Old System for Success: H*N = I (also called the "time-for-money-trap")

H(hourly wage)*N(no. hours worked) = I(income)

New System for Success: T*E2 = $ (also called the "power of leverage")

T(time invested) * E2(exponential growth) = $(financial freedom)

Linear Growth: 5 + 5 = 10(linear = limited!)

Exponential growth: 5 2 = 25(exponential = explosive!)

Which system do YOU want to copycat?

time-for-money trap...or wealth creation?!!!

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ISBN 9788182744462
Author Burke Hedges
Publisher Pentagon Press
Imprint date 2009
Language English
Page count 114
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