Complete Baby & Child Care

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Every parent’s essential guide for raising a happy and healthy child from infancy through preschool

“In this book I’ve tried to deal with the most important aspects of child care in those first five years. It’s as near complete as I’ve ever hoped for. I hope you’ll find it so too.”

  • An updated, authoritative, practical, and comprehensive illustrated guide to the first five years of life, by a leading child care expert
  • Latest recommendations for day-to-day care, plus suggestions for enhancing your child’s physical and emotional health – from infancy through preschool
  • Revealing case studies on specific areas of parental concern, including children in need of special care
  • How boys and girls develop differently and how to celebrate those differences

Subject Pregnancy
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ISBN 9780789471510
Author Dr. Miriam Stoppard
Publisher DK Publication
Language English
Page count 351
Book Format Paper Back

Categories: Pregnancy & Parenting Self-Help Books

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