Comdex .Net Programming Course Kit With CD

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Comdex .Net Programming Course Kit With CD

Covering .Net Framework, VB 2005, C# 2005 and ASP.NET 2.0


  • Training Kit for programming Fundamentals, Visual Basic 2005, ASP.NET 2.0 and C# 2005
  • No previous programming experience required
  • Unique 3-stage, Self learning System with CD

In the 1st Stage, the book explains concepts of .NET Programming language.
In the 2nd Stage, the CD gives an Audio-Video demonstration of concepts taught in the book and more.
Finally, in the 3rd Stage, the self-testing software tests your skills and corrects you when you make a mistake.

Comdex .NET Programming Course Kit is specially designed for those aspiring students who wish to build their career in the field of .NET programming. The content of the book goes in adequate detail covering all the aspects of .NET Programming. The unique tutor CD provided with this book is a true add-on. While other books rely on theory and long explanations, the tutor CD accompanying this book helps you build skills for .NET programming languages.

A Revolutionary 3-Stage, Self-learning System (Book + CD)

Stage: Read – Book
First, learn the concepts from the book. Innumerable graphics and screenshots, coupled with step-by-step description show you how to use fascinating applications. Unlike other books, your learning does not stop here. With this kit, You can see a demo of what you have learnt from the book and actually practice it. So move on to the next mode.

Stage: Watch – Audio Video Demo Software
This is about learning through watching. Insert the accompanying CD in your computer and click on the topic you want to watch. The customised software automatically teaches you step-by-step through audio-video and graphic simulations. You don’t have to do anything – just sit back and watch. If you want to do this with your own hands, move on to the next mode.

Stage: Do – Self Testing Software
This software on the CD can test your skill level. You can seek help if you need, or it would point out your mistake, show you the correct step and encourage you to try again.

CD Contains: Framework, DirectX9 and chapter wise projects used in the book. Self-learning tutorials on Programming Fundamentals, VB 2005, ASP.NET 2.0 and C# 2005.

Subject Programming
Packing Weight 1.5 kg
ISBN 9788177227240
Publisher Dreamtech Press
Language English
Page count 978
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Software & Programming

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