Comdex Hardware and Networking Course Kit

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Comdex Hardware and Networking Course Kit


This book includes:-

  • Fundamentals of Computer, Windows XP, and MS Office 2003
  • Computer Assembly and De-assembly
  • Bundled with common hardware symptoms and their accurate solutions
  • Networking basics, Configuring Windows Server 2003, Security Issues, and Troubleshooting

Comdex Hardware and Networking book is designed for those aspiring students who want to build their future in computer hardware. The book covers each an everydetail of computer hardware starting from a simple looking mouse to highly complicated. Step-by-step description of concepts, supported by illustrations for easy understanding and simple language make the book unique in itself. The software section given in the book would be an added advantage for the readers; since we strongly believe that a hardware personnel must be aware with software. So, it’s a complet kit in itself with no parallel in the market.

About The Author:-

Vikas Gupta is a publisher, an internationally acclaimed author, a prolific speaker on computer learning and e-publishing and co-founder of a software company offering IT-enabled services. He has co-authored several books for American publishing giants like Wiley, McGraw Hill and IDG. His earlier books in the same series have broken all recordsof popularity selling more than a quarter million copies in India alone.

Comdex Computer Course Kit, a world class learning system (Book+Software), was introduced by him often four-year research. Its popularity was instant. However, the feedback revealed a growing demand for a course kit on hardware and networking. So, a new book with wide coverage of hardware and networking concepts, and accurate methods of troubleshooting of hardware and software problems is before you!

Author: Vikas Gupta
ISBN: 9788177226072
Pages: 681
Price: Rs.299/-

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Subject Computer
ISBN 9788177226070
Author Vikas Gupta
Publisher Dreamtech Press
Language English
Page count 681
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Hardware & Networking

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