Clinical Psychology : New Trends & Innovations

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Clinical Psychology : New Trends & Innovations

By Rajpal Kaur

This book is designed to provide a thorough survey of the field that is equally accessible to students with a general interest as well as to those with professional aspirations. This text presents a scholarly portrayal of the history, content, professional functions, and the future of clinical psychology.

In this successful book, the editor describes research methods in clinical psychology and provides criteria for conducting and evaluating clinical research. This edition continues to explain how methodology is an approach toward problem solving, thinking, and acquiring knowledge. New material on the evolving nature of clinical research into many topic areas is also included. Topics covered: drawing valid references; experimental research; case studies; interpreting data; ethics; and more. This book is beneficial for Clinical psychologists/psychiatrists, counselors, social workers and therapists.

Contents :


1. Clinical Psychology: Definition and Meaning

2. Experimental Bases of Personality Assessment

3. Operant Techniques

4. Intelligence and Its Measurement

5. Defects of Clinical Psychology

6. Psychotherapy in Clinical Psychology

7. Functions of Psychotherapy: General Mode



About the Author: Rajpal Kaur, M.A., M.Ed., is at present Principal Shri Guru Harkishan Sahib college for Women, Ludhiana Dist., Punjab. Mrs. Rajpal Kaur is an educationist by professor with interest in psychological studies. She has over ten years of teaching experience in various educational institutions. She has been to Pakistan for SAMF-2004 and is active in various cultural and educational programmes.

Author: Rajpal Kaur

ISBN : 8176298018

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