Branding India – An Incredible Story

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In what was a complex & a massive exercise, this is exactly what the author, Amitabh Kant, former joint secretary in the ministry of tourism, and his colleagues cutting across various government departments achieved as they put India on the World Tourism Map with their 'Incredible India' campaign.

Launched in 2002 when travel to India was down in the dumps- in wake of the destruction of the World Trade Center, The War on Afghanistan & the attack on the Indian Parliament- 'the 'Incredible India' campaign triggered a take-off on Indian Tourism.

How did a sleeping giant like India get its act together? How did government departments not normally known for their speed, dynamism or flexibility build & nurture a brand? How did infrastructure keep pace with the demand so that what was promised to tourists could be delivered?

This fascinating story, written by an insider, becomes even more relevant today as the India tourism industry again faces a slowdown because of the economic downturn & the attacks on Mumbai in November 2008. Scholarly as well as personal, the book is essential reading for the travel & tourism industry as well as the layperson, an inspiring business case study that shows how even the bureaucracy can be as dynamic as anyone in the private sector.

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