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This is the first book length study of a crucial and yet often overlooked dimension of the Bombay Cinema: the city as a site of desire, hope, redemption,   but also disaster and death. With great skill and imagination Mazumdar analyses a range of landmark films over the last thirty years, She shows with great force that while the city has been strangely marginal in much writing on India, the  city and its ambiguities are at the very heart of many of the most powerful films emerging from Bombay in the last three decades.

Thomas Blom Hansen

‘Bombay Cinema is an inspired account of Hindi films as a rich and textured archive of modern urban life in India. Challenging the nationalist idealization of the village, its ingenious portrayal of the cinematic city conclusively shows that urban postcolonial experience experience. A true gem - Gyan Prakash  Ranjani Mazumdar is an independent film-maker and Associate Professor of cinema Studies at the school of Arts and Aesthetics at Jawahar Lal Nehru University, New Delhi.'

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Author Ranjani Mazumdar
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