Blueprints Notes & Cases - Biochemistry, Genetics, and Embryology

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Blueprints Notes & Cases - Biochemistry, Genetics, and Embryology

If you are wondering how the biochemistry principles you are studying will apply to real life patients, Blueprints Notes & Cases - Biochemistry, Genetics, and Embryology has just what you need – basic science concepts tied to clinical cases!

This book offers high-yield, concise basic science content presented in a logical template. Each topic features a case presentation followed by thought questions and a basic science review. Thumbnails and key points provide a quick review of the essential information. Multiple-choice questions at the end of each case allow you to test your knowledge.

Use during your coursework to aid in understanding application of principles, then review again as you prep for exams.

Perfect for medical students -- physician assistants, nurse practitioners and related health professionals will also find Blueprints Notes & Cases valuable

I. Biochemistry
Carbohydrate and Lipid Metabolism

1. Glycolysis
2. TCA cycle
3. Gluconeogenesis
4. Glycogen Synthesis and Degradation
5. Oxidative Phosphorylation
6. Fatty Acid Metabolism

Steroid and Cholesterol Metabolism
7. Steroid Biosynthesis
8. Cholesterol Synthesis
9. Cholesterol and Lipid Metabolism
10. Eicosanoid Biosynthesis

Protein and Amino Acid Metabolism
11. Homocystinuria
12. Phenylketonuria
13. Collagen Synthesis
14. Purine Metabolism
15. Acute intermittent porphyria
16. Urea Cycle

Cell Signaling and Coenzymes
17. IGF receptor signaling pathway
18. T-cell Receptor Pathways
19. G-proteins and Adenylate Cyclase 20. Vitamin Function

II. Genetics
Mendelian Genetics
21. Autosomal Dominant Inheritance
22. Autosomal Recessive Inheritance
23. X-Linked Recessive Inheritance
24. X-Linked Dominant Inheritance
25. Mitochondrial Inheritance
26. Variable Penetrance
27. Founder Effect

Chromosomal Abnormalities
28. Chromosome Structure
29. Translocation
30. Sex Chromosomes
31. Gene Dosage

Molecular Genetics
32. Genomic Imprinting
33. Viral Genetics
34. Gene Transcription and Translation
35. Immunoglobulin Genetics
36. Protein Structure and Function
37. DNA Repair
38. Cell Cycle

III. Embryology
39. Embryonic Development
40. Fetal Development
41. Teratogens
42. Neural Development
43. Branchial Arch Anomalies
44. Cardiac Development
45. Pulmonary Development
46. Gastrointestinal Embryology
47. Renal Development

Author: Juan E Vargas, Annie Tan

ISBN: 1405127252

Pages: 192

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Author Juan E Vargas & Annie Tan
Publisher Ane
Page count 192

Categories: Biological Science

Blueprints Notes & Cases - Biochemistry, Genetics, and Embryology reviews

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