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The book Black Belt Karate gives a brief history of how the karate we are now studying came into being and how it has developed from the latter part of the last century right up to modern day. The book also describes how sport competition karate is now the driving force behind many karate schools, which makes it very attractive to younger practitioner. The lack of emphasis in many schools on traditional karate values and ethos has led to a fall in the number of adult students, but this book is suitable for all ages and aims to further your karate education and all-round development.

This book is aimed at students who have already started the long path in the study of karate.

The techniques shown are not for beginners in the art, but for the intermediate student and black belts - therefore, a certain degree of skill must have been obtained before embarking on the techniques shown in the book.

•    A short history of karate and the different styles practiced today
•    Kihon, kata and kumite techiniques
•    Prearranged pairwork and makiwara training
•    Self-discovery and self-defence
•    Competition karate

Written by an 8th degree black belt instructor with over 40 years’ experience at all levels, Black Belt Karate is full of essential knowledge for karate-ka up to black belt level. Looking at the fundamental skills that underpin everything you do in karate, this book takes you through the punches, strikes, kicks, stances, blocks and counter measures that will ensure your black belt success.

About the Author
Born in 1954, Chris Thompson began studying karate at the age of 15. In 1978 he formed the Washinkai Karate Renmei (now known as the British Traditional Karate Association), and helped develop the Washinkai style and teaching program. Thompson is also the Technical Director of the English Karate Governing Body. He lives in Havant, Hampshire, UK.

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