Biotechnology And Safety Assessment

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Biotechnology And Safety Assessment 


The book provides a great deal of valuable case study material and policy-relevant analysis ... It deserves to be read by natural and social scientists alike - Environmental Polititcs

This updated text explains how advances in mammalian and plant genetics contribute to better therapeutics agents and more wholesome foods. It addresses such topics as new pharmaceutical agents, agribiotechnology, safety evaluation of biotechnology-derived drugs, food safety, nutritional science, and regulatory and environmental aspects of genetically-modified organisms. New to this edition are chapters on biotherapeutics and herbicide-resistant crops. It should be of interest to biotechnology, toxicologists, pharmaceutical scientists, environmental scientists and agriculturists.

Contents :


1. Genomic Information - Frontiers of Toxicology J. Beall and M. Stodolsky

2. Antisense Therapeutics S. Crooke

3. Safety Evaluation of Food Crops Developed Through Biotechnology B. Hammond and R. Fuchs

4. Therapeutic Manipulation of Cytokines R. House

5. Triplex and Ribozyme Technology in Gene Repression Y. Lavrovsky, S. Chen and A. Roy

6. Food Allergens - Implications for Biotechnology S. Lehrer and G. Reese

7. The Pharmacokinetics and Toxicity of Phosphorothioate Oligonucleotides A. Levin, R. Geary, J. Leeds, D. Monteith, R. Yu, M. Templin, S. Henry

8. Biotechnology in Agriculture and the Environment - Benefits and Risks C. McCullum, D. Pimentel, M. Paoletti

9. Biotechnology and Risk H. Miller

10. Safety Assessment of Insect-Protected Corn P. Sanders, T. Lee, M. Groth, J. Astwood, R. Fuchs

11. Pharmacology of Recombinant Proteins J. Talmadge

12. Biotechnology - Therapeutic and Nutritional Products J. Thomas

13. Clinical Toxicity of Interferons T. Vial and J. Descotes.




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