Be a Network Marketing Superstar

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The one book you need to Make More Money than you ever thought possible

If you want to achieve supreme success in network marketing, you need to use the techniques used by network marketing megastars. This invaluable guide contains a powerful, 26-step program that will help you:

  • Master the six core skills of successful network marketing
  • Sharpen their salesmanship
  • Become more persuasive
  • Build relationships
  • Overcome roadblocks
  • Radiate positive energy
  • Find and attract quality people
  • Be powerful coaches and mentors.
  • Packed with helpful worksheets and exercises, this inspiring resource gives you the tools and confidence you need to become a superstar moneymaker.

About the Authors :-

Mary Christensen (Santa Monica, CA) has more than 25 years of experience in network marketing, having recruited more than 1,000 people in her first year, and later holding executive roles in two multinational network marketing corporations. Wayne Christensen, previously an award-winning creative director, now writes full-time.

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ISBN 9780814474310
Author Mary Christensen & Wayne Christensen
Publisher Amacom
Language English
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