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Baby and Child care offers Authoritative, invaluable information and
Sound practical advice on child care from Conception to adolescence.


A must for mothers. Practical and handy. Bogged by queries...pick up Dr. Suneja’s book and you will get the answers.’ --- Hindustan Times
‘Swadeshi Ben Spock. Counsellor from beforeconception to after birth.’--- India Today
‘India’s answer to the legendary Dr. Spock.simple and easily comprehensible.’-- Delhi Mid-Day
‘Written from a proudly Indian perspective. Parents canfinally take it easy.’-- The Indian Express

A comprehensive guide for parents and parents- to - be on:

  • How to have a healthy, normal baby
  • How conceptions occurs and how a baby
  • Develop in the mother’s womb
  • Appropriate care of a newborn baby
  • Diet for good health
  • What parents know about vaccination
  • How to assess and promote a child’s growth
  • And intellectual development
  • Handling children with learning, Speech and
  • Behavioural problems
  • How to deal with a medical emergency at home
  • Valuable practical information on common childhood diseases
  • Guidance on several other aspects of child care


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Subject Pregnancy
ISBN 978817167315
Author Dr. R.K. Suneja
Publisher Rupa & Co.
Page count 295
Book Format Paperback Book

Categories: Pregnancy & Parenting


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