Auto LISP: An insight Into Auto CAD Programming

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AutoLISP: An insight into AutoCAD Programming is a well-illustrated book on Autolisp programming language for beginners as well as those who have developed proficiency in computer programming. An AutoCAD user willing to develop a higher level programming language for interacting with AutoCAD, will find this book useful.

The book is based on the latest version of AutoCAD and incorporates AutoLISP programs with state- of-the-art AutoCAD commands. A good number of small but useful AutoLISP programs have been explained for illustrating the functions. It also provides a catalogue of useful AutoLISP programs in one chapter alone. The most notable feature of the book is that it contains a chapter on 3D modelling, which will be a guide for budding designers.

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Author T.K. Naskar
Publisher JAICO BOOK
Page count 186

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