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The Definitive Guide To The Universe

About The Book

The night skies and astronomical bodies have been a source of wonder and speculation since the development of the earliest civilizations. This book takes us on journey of discovery, from a detailed study of the far distant galaxies and outermost reaches of the universe. All the spectacular cosmic phenomena are featured, including comets, asteroids, meteors, and nebulae. The canvas of space and time is vast: 15 billion years since the big bang, when the entire universe occupied the space of sub atomic particle, 4.5 billion years since a cloud of gas and dust collapsed to form the star which sustains life on earth. To study an object in deep space is to see hundreds of millions of years into the past, such are the mind boggling that has to travel.

In this book you will find:

• From our own planet to the very edge of the visible universe
• Up to date including the 2005 Huygens Cassini space probe images of Titan
• Lavishly illustrated and imaginatively presented
• Informative, authoritative, and accessible
• Some of the finest photographs ever published
• The development of Astronomy
• The solar system comets and asteroids
• The life and death of stars
• Nebulae and star clusters constellations
• Pulsars
• Black holes
• The milky way
• Galaxies quasars
• The edge of the visible universe

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Pages: 256
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