AS Communication Studies : The Essential Introduction

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AS Communication Studies : The Essential Introduction


The authors, who are experienced teachers and 'A' Level Examiners, introduce students step-by-step to the main forms of communication - verbal, non-verbal, intrapersonal and group; provide guidance on developing effective communication skills, and advise on how good communication skills can be used to prepare for and pass examinations.

AS Communication Studies: The Essential Introduction will give students the confidence to tackle every part of an introductory Communications course. Its key features include:
* Activities
* Worked questions
* Suggestions for further reading and a glossary of key terms



Part I - Studying Communication

1. Studying 2. Communication

Part II - Effective Communication

Part III - Texts and Meaning in Communication

1. Communication as Text 2. Texts and Meanings 3. Decoding and De-coding 4. Words and Pictures: Signs and Signatures 5. Taking the Process Further 6. Putting it back Together 7. Some Print Texts and Sample Tasks

Part IV - Communication Practice

Part V - Themes in Personal Communication

1. Verbal Communication 2. Non-Verbal Communication 3. Intrapersonal Communication: Self and Self-Concept 4. Intrapersonal Communication: Ideas about the Development of the Self 5. Intrapersonal Communication: Self and Self Presentation 6. Group Communication: What Groups are and What They Do 7. Group Communication: Inside Groups 8. Group Communication: How Groups Work and how They Don't

Part VI - Using Communication Skills to Pass Examinations
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Author: Andrew Beck, Peter Bennett

ISBN: 0415247527

Pages: 262

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