Anna Hazare - The New Revolutionary

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Indians have seen many revolutions some of which were respected the world over. This latest revolution would transform India; and the world shall bow before its amazing power and people, yet again. 

This finely written book gives the details of the life and struggle of this 73-year-old man who has caught the bull by the horn, literally! He has used peaceful tactics to shake all those who are ruling or planning to rule the nation. His thoughts are pure, so corruption does not stand a chance in front of him. The politicians and bureaucrats are afraid of this frail man who has opened a Pandora's box through his hunger strike.

This is a moment of reckoning for the Indians. Mirror is in front of us and we must recognize what we are. Anna has shown us the stiff realities of India. Corruption is the order of the day; and Anna has picked up the broom to clean up this mess by implementing Jan Lokpal Bill which is an anti-corruption bill.

If you are an Indian, and love your nation, do read this book. If you are not, do read it to visualize and predict how quickly this new revolutionary would succeed in taming the dragon called 'Corruption'.

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ISBN 9788128833660
Author Prateeksha M. Tiwari
Publisher Diamond Books
Language English
Page count 98
Book Format Paperback Book

Categories: Biographies

Tags: Anna Hazare

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