Anna Hazare - Reformer, Socialist and Anti-Corruption Leader

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In India, corruption has been a slow burning. However, in 2010, it flared up with the revelation of a spate of scams and scandals across the country. Today, Anna Hazare is the face of India's fight against corruption. He has taken that fight to the corridors of power and challenged the government at the highest level. People, the common man and well-known personalities alike, are supporting him in the hundreds swelling to the thousands. 

However, it can safely be said that mature democracies have all gone through the stages we have, but in time that spans hundreds of years. Criminalized politics, mass prostitution and ill treatment of women, the poor and under-classes were all features of democracies whose societies are the envy ofthe world today. An anti-corruption movement requires far greater depth than the one that went into the Anna Hazare fast. 

This book highlights on today's burning topic i.e. corruption and brief biography of its present crusader, Anna Hazare.

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ISBN 9788174791210
Author J.C. Dua
Publisher Kaveri Books
Language English
Page count 168
Book Format Hardbound

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