Animal Psychology

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Animal Psychology

New Trends and Innovations

By Rajpal Kaur

Animal psychology, taken in its most usual, broad, sense, refers into the study of the behaviour and mental life of animal other than human beings. It is synonymous with comparative psychology, but although the latter would be a more accurate term, it is less often used. Veterinarians sometimes use the phrase "animal psychology" to refer specifically to the study of disordered behaviour in animals.

Animal psychology ought to involve the use of a comparative method, in which similar studies are carried out on animals of different species, and the results interpreted in terms of their different phylogenetic or ecological backgrounds. A persistent question with which animal psychologists have been faced is the relative intelligence of different species of animal. Much effort has gone into explaining that this may not be a good question, but it will not go away. Indeed, some early attempts at a genuinely comparative psychology involved evaluating how well animals of different species could learn different tasks. Over the last few years a substantial body of knowledge has been built up about the psychology of animal behaviour.

Contents: Preface. 1. Animal psychology: an overview. 2. Animal intelligence: understanding the minds of animals. 3. Brain, emotion and cognition: an overview. 4. Expression of learning. 5. Problems in theory of working memory. 6. Cognitive processes in Cebus monkeys. 7. Representations in pigeon working memory. 8. Retrieval in extinction in simple associative learning. 9. Contrast and animal models of anxiety. 10. Order competencies in animals: models for the delayed sequence. 11. Experimental design relationships and deprivation effects. 12. Animal models of Alzheimer's disease. 13. Implications of learning, performance and representational processes. Bibliography. Index.

About the Author: Rajpal Kaur, M.A., M.ED., is at present Principles Shri Guru Harkishan Sahib College for Women, Ludhiana Dist., Punjab. Mrs. Rajpal Kaur is an educationist by profession with interest in Psychological studies. She has over ten years of teaching experience in various educational institutions. She has been to Pakistan for SAMF2004 and is active in various cultural and educational programmes.

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