Already Home (With CD)

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Already Home (With CD)

Radiant Wisdom and Life-Changing Meditations from Ramana Maharshi, Sri Nisargadatta, and Teachers of the Advaita Tradition

By Gay Hendricks & Philip Johncock

This book presents the essence of the teachings that have influenced dozens of the most revered transformational leaders of the current day. The stream of wisdom called Advaita, flowing originally from antiquity in India, has surfaced and resurfaced throughout the spiritual life of the human race. Ramana maharshi is perhaps the best- known sage of this lineage, which also includes such teachers as Sri Nisargadatta, arjuna Ardagh, Gangaji, and many others.

Already Home is a new edition of Advaita wisdom, presented in modern language for contemporary seekers who wish to understand this practical wisdom and apply it to their lives. Themes of perennials interest –unity, individuation, and the potentials and pitfalls of the spiritual path – are all explored in this collection. Through is the empowering insight that pervades Advaita: that we are in charge of our own enlightenment. In the words of Ramana, “It’s as if we place a barrier in front of the door to our home, then require ourselves to jump over it to get in to a place that’s already ours.”

This work shows you the path home.

About the Author : Gay Hendricks is the author of more than 25 books dealing with personal and relationship transformation, including Conscious Loving (co- authored with his wife, Dr.Kathlyn Hendricks), Learning to Love Yourself, and Conscious Living. He received his Ph.D. in counseling psychology from Stanford University and taught for 21 years at the University of Colorado before founding. The Hendricks Institute. He and Kathlyn make their home in Ojai, California. They are also co-founders, along with Stephen Simon of The Spiritual Cinema Circle.

Philip Johncock is an author, coach, and consultant who lives near Reno, Neveda . He’s the author of Dream –Making to Billions, a book on the art of grant – writing.

Author: Gay Hendricks & Philip Johncock

ISBN: 1401910262

Pages: 83

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Author Gay Hendricks & Philip Johncock
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Page count 83

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