All About Market Timing

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All About Market Timing

The Easy Way to Get Started

Everything You Need to Know About Timing Your Investments, Including:

Five simple market timing strategies
Beating buy-and-hold with less risk for long-term investors
Profitable investing in bull and bear markets
Everything You Need to know to make money in bull and bear markets

Market experts regularly sing the praises of the revered buy-and-hold strategy, a winning approach in bull markets. But where are those experts when regularly occurring bear markets. But where are those experts when regularly occurring bear markets maul investor’s portfolios? In fact, where were you during the most recent collapse, in 2000-2002, when investors who blindly followed the buy-and-hold method were forced to stand-and-watch as years of investment profits were rapidly erased?

Probably holding and praying. So much for the experts.

All About Market Timings provides easy-to-implement market-timing strategies designed to help you ride bull markets whike sidestepping bear markets. Buil around a handful of mechanical, time-tested strategies, this long-overdue book flies in the face of the experts and their “advice” to show you how relatively easy it can be to keep your portfolio growing as other investors get crushed in every bear stampede.

The number-one key to investing is to preserve your capital. Let All About Market Timing show you how to do just that, by turning your back on the always risky – and oftentimes lethal – buy-and-hold approach.

• Read All Avbout Market Timing to learn more about:
• Five profitable timing strategies
• Increased portfolio returns using leveraged funds
• Why ETFs are better than stocks
• Market-timing newsletter and advisors
• Reliable timing software
• And much more

Subject Investing
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ISBN 9780070229500
Author Leslie N. Masonson
Publisher Tata - McGraw Hill
Imprint date 2008
Page count 246
Book Format Paperback

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