All About GRE Computer Based Test

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The Big CD

Includes New GRE question types

Whats inside this pack?

    * Ten Computer Based Tests
    * Look-a-like test screens
    * Test reviews & explanations
    * Overall statistical analysis
    * Progress tracker
    * 3800+ Word List
    * Verbal Tutorials   …and loads of practice

In this pack, you will find a series of ten tests, each with unique question set plus the screens, breaks and instructions exactly similar to the actual test. These tests also contain NEW GRE question type incorporated in the GRE since November 2007. A review of each is possible. The user can go back to each question and see what he had answered and in how much time as well as see complete explanations about why the answer is right or wrong.

Each section is scored on a table of 200 to 800. A personal score card is made for every test which not only denotes a score for each section but also gives a detailed report about how many questions were answered, how many remained unanswered, how many were answered right, how many wrong & the total score. An overall statistical analysis comparing the scores in each test is made available. Besides this, section wise and sub-section wise comparison charts are also made available. This will help the users compare how they scored in a particular section or sub-section and work on the section they performed badly in.

Tests apart, detailed tutorials on Math, Verbal and AWA section which describe the various type of questions asked in actual GRE with plenty of examples are included in this software. The AWA section contains five sample essays each for Analysis of an issue and Analysis of Argument.

If that’s not all, extensive language guidance with wordlist, rootlist, synonym tests, and pronunciations make this software a must have for anyone coaching for GRE. The wordlist contains about 3800 plus words which can be seen in alphabetical or random order. Pronunciation of each order is also made available. With the words you can find vital details like its part of speech, synonyms, antonyms and an illustration of the usage in sentence.

System Requirements:

Windows: 95/98/2000/NT/XP

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768; 16 bit colour


CD-ROM Drive

Speakers, Microphone

100 MB available Disk Space

Subject Examination
Selling Rights Worldwide
Packing Weight 0.5 kg
Publisher Educational Software Technologies
Language English
Book Format Box

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