All About GRE Computer Adaptive Test

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What is inside this pack?

    * NEW GRE question type included
    * Five Computer Adaptive Tests
    * Extra Lessons on AWA
    * Look-a-like test screens
    * Progress Tracker
    * Test reviews & explanations
    * Math reference

A detailed look inside…

The ultimate ammunition for you to ace the GRE with flying colors - this computer adaptive software with five unique tests is designed to have actual GRE identical screens, timings, instructions and breaks. These tests adapt to the answering capacity of the user with the first 5 to 6 questions having the maximum weightage on the final score. Depending on whether a user answers a question right or wrong, the next question is comparatively difficult or simple respectively. They also contain NEW GRE question type incorporated in the GRE since November 2007.

A detailed review of each test is possible. You can go back to each question and see what you had answered and in how much time as well as see complete explanations about why the answer is right or wrong. An overall statistical analytics comparing the scores in each test is also made available.

This version has a new inclusion Extra Lessons on AWA besides the list of official Issue & Argument topics , 5 solved issues & Arguments & Dos and Don’ts for the issue & Argument section. These lessons also cover detailed notes on AWA section with loads of samples.

A host of other inclusions like pronounciation of any word/sentence in American accent, Math reference containing all the 65 basic Algebra and Geometry formulae , list of phobias and manias and antonym tests make the all about GRE Computer Adaptive Test a choice you’d be glad you made.

System Requirements:

Windows: 95/98/2000/NT/XP

Screen Resolution: 1024 x 768; 16 bit colour


CD-ROM Drive

Speakers, Microphone

100 MB available Disk Space

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Publisher Educational Software Technologies
Language English
Book Format Box

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