Advanced Genetic Analysis

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Advanced Genetic Analysis

Finding Meaning in a Genome


By Author Scott R. Hawley,  Michelle Y. Walker


Advanced Genetic Analysis brings a state-of-the-art, exciting new approach to genetic analysis. Focusing on the underlying principles of modern genetic analysis, this book provides the how and why of the essential analytical tools needed. The authors vibrant, accessible style provides an easy guide to difficult genetic concepts, from mutation and gene function to gene mapping and chromosome segregation.


Mutant Hunts
3. The Complementation Test
Determining When And Where Genes Function
6. Genetic Fine-Structure Analysis
Meiotic Recombination
Meiotic Chromosome Segregation.


About The Authors:

R. Scott Hawley is a Senior Scientist at the Stowers Institute of Medical Research. Before joining the Stowers Institute in 2001, he was a Professor of Genetics at the University of California at Davis for 10 years. An accomplished textbook author, he has also published over 50 papers and articles in scientific journals. He has also served on the Board of Directors of the Genetics Society of America and is currently on the Editorial Board of Genetics.
Michelle Walker is an Intellectual Property Specialist for Galileo

Laboratories in Santa Clara , California . She became interested

in law after a brief tenure with the Stowers Institute. She earned an MS in Genetics from the University of California at Davis , has written several scientific articles, served as an Editor for the entomological journal Sociobiology, and spent numerous hours volunteering her time in the field of bioethics and as a scientific mentor for inner-city children.


Author: Author Scott R. Hawley,  Michelle Y. Walker

Pages: 255

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Author Author Scott R. Hawley, Michelle Y. Walker
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