Academia To Biotechnology

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Academia To Biotechnology

The book deals with both the abstract and practical aspects of moving from a univerisity laboratory to a position in the biotech industry. Each chapter lists common and unique features to evaluate breaking down complex decisions into manageable elements. Several sections provide "how to" guides for the preparation of manuscripts, patents, grants, and internal company documents.


Chapter 1. Communication
Chapter 2. Interfacing with Sibling Departments
Chapter 3. The Circular Continuum : Papers to Grants to Patents
Chapter 4. Designing a Manuscirpt
Chapter 5. Designing and Writing a Grant
Chapter 6. Designing and Writing a Patent
Chapter 7. The Federal Biologics/Drug/Device Approval Process
Chapter 8. Good Laboratory Practices and Current Good Manufacturing Practices
Chapter 9. Experimental Protocols
Chapter 10. Experimental Reports
Chapter 11. Experimental Methods
Chapter 12. Standard Operating Procedures
Chapter 13. How to Choose a Postodoctoral Position
Chapter 14. How to Choose A Biotechnology Company
Chapter 15. How to Set Up a Laboratory
Chapter 16. How to Administer a Laboratory
Chapter 17. Collaborations
Chapter 18. How to Close a Laboratory
Chapter 19. Professional Expectations of PHDs in Academia and industry
Chapter 20. Personnal Management Skills
Chapter 21. Changing Jobs
Chapter 22. Personal Life
Chapter 23. Personal Development

Author: Jeffrey M Gimble

ISBN: 8181478835

Pages: 192

Price: Rs.395/-

Author Jeffrey M Gimble
Publisher Ane
Page count 192

Categories: Biological Science

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