Abnormal Psychology : New Trends and Innovations

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Abnormal Psychology : New Trends and InnovationsrnBy Rajpal Kaurrn Abnormal Psychology can broadly be defined as the application of the principles of psychology to the study of mental disorders, including research into the causes and treatment of psychopathologies. The central and most controversial aspect of abnormal psychology is the issue surrounding the meaning of the term 'abnormal'. In other words, what precisely constitutes an abnormal psychological state? There is no single and conclusive view of what is 'abnormal' and each theoretical approach is determined by underlying assumptions about the meaning of this term.rnAbnormal psychology studies the nature of psychopathology, its causes, and its treatments. Abnormal Psychology gives students the opportunity to explore the latest theories and research in our ever-changing search for answers to the complex questions of psychopathology. The editor invites students to search for clues, follow-up on hunches, evaluate evidence, and participate in a process of discovery as they sift through the evidence on the origins of psychopathology and the effectiveness of specific interventions.rnContents: Preface. 1. Meaning and use of abnormal psychology. 2. Abnormal psychology: significance and causes of abnormal behavior. 3. Changing conceptions of mental abnormality. 4. Nature of individual differences. 5. Contemporary viewpoints of physiological behaviour. 6. Psychological origins of functional disorders. 7. Psychology of the neurosis. 8. Objective studies of the neurotic constitution. 9. Psychology of stuttering and stammering. 10. Personality types and the functional psychoses. 11. Abnormal psychology minor and major abnormalities. Bibliography. Index. rnAbout the Author: Rajpal Kaur, M.A., M.ED., is at present Principles Shri Guru Harkishan Sahib College for Women, Ludhiana Dist., Punjab. Mrs. Rajpal Kaur is an educationist by profession with interest in Psychological studies. She has over ten years of teaching experience in various educational institutions. She has been to Pakistan for SAMF2004 and is active in various cultural and educational programmes.rn rnAuthor: Rajpal Kaur ISBN : 8176297909 Pages : 275 Price : Rs.550/-

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