A Search in Secret India

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A Search in Secret India

A Search in Secret India is one of the great classics of spiritual travel writing. With a keen eye for detail combined with a generosity of view, Paul Brunton describes taking a circular journey round India: living amongst yogis, mystics and gurus, seeking the one who would give him the peace and tranquillity that come with self-knowledge. His vividly told search ends at Arunachala, with Sri Ramana Maharshi: 'The indigo sky is strewn with stars, which cluster in countless thousands close over our heads. The rising moon is a thin crescent disc of silver light. On our left the evening fireflies are making the compound grove radiant, and above them the plumed heads of tall palms stand out in black silhouette against the sky. My adventure in self-metamorphosis is over...'

Paul Brunton was one of the twentieth century's greatest explorers of the spiritual traditions of the East. He was also a journalist with a healthy regard for critical impartiality and for commonsense. These characteristics, together with a rich inner life, made him a superb writer on the spirituality of the Orient.


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