The Phenomenon of the Emergence: The Emergence

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The books of brothers Ivan and Alexander Egorov, the Russian scientists and writers, include an original development of the problem of the relationship between perception and reality. They analyze the complex mechanisms of the emergence of main structures, which form the world observed by the humans and the space of civilization. The interpretation of these mechanisms suggested and designated as the 'Paradigm of Emergence' by the authors widens the scope of the understanding of the world order and analysis of the co-relation of different types of ob jects conducted on its basis. It opens new possibilities for a more thorough consideration of the processes taking place in the social and th spiritual domains.

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Subject Science and Technology
ISBN 9788188951833
Author I.D. Egorov & A.D Egorov
Publisher Pigeon Books
Language English
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Science & Technology

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