Right Thinking in a World Gone Wrong

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A Biblical Reponse to Today's Most Controversial Issues

This book equips believers with a Biblical perspective on today’s most talked–about issues—enabling them to see the controversies and concerns of this world through God’s eyes.


Part 1 - Entertainment and Leisure

  • Liberty and entertainment
  • Internet dating
  • Video games
  • Media and parental guidance
  • Cult of celebrity and escapism

  • Part 2 - Morality and Ethics

  • Divorce and remarriage
  • Christians and homosexuality
  • Opposing abortion while helping hurting women
  • Birth control, in vitro fertilization and surrogacy
  • Euthanasia, suicide and capital punishment

  • Part 3 - Politics and Activism

  • Political activism
  • Faith and the free economic market
  • Environmentalism
  • Racism, culture and the church
  • Illegal immigration and border control

  • Part 4 - Tragedy and Suffering

  • Suffering and the sovereignty of God
  • Personal hardship and trials
  • Trusting and hoping in God
  • Showing mercy to the hurting
  • God's solution to a fallen world
  • Also included is a topical guide to Bible verses that speak to contemporary issues, arming readers with right thinking and Biblical responses to challenging questions.

    “Our response to moral questions is not determined by politics, economics, personal preference, popular opinion, or human reasoning. It is, instead, grounded in what God has told us is true about ourselves and our world….God’s Word offers sanity, clarity, and hope.”
    John MacArthur

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    ISBN 9788173629360
    Author John Mac Arthur & Grace Community Church
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    Language English
    Page count 260
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