Nanotechnology Revolution By Dr. Parag Diwan

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`Dr. Parag Diwan is a high technology buff, having worked with organizations like NASA and Semiconductors Complex Ltd. Different facets of high technology from rocket science to microcircuits fascinate him. Currently, apart from his other multifarious interests and responsibilities, he is deeply interested in harnessing the power of ten raised to minus nine(10-9 ), i.e.the nano-world.

He the currently Vice-Chancellor of the University of Petroleum & Energy Studies. Prior to this he was the Dean and Director of the All India Management Association ( AIMA). He has also been the CEO of a dot-com venture in the golden days of the E-commerce revolution. He has authored and edited over 40 books, 200 technical and research papers and many multimedia (CDROM) & Video) based learning modules. ``

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ISBN 9798182741290
Author Dr. Parag Diwan
Publisher Pentagon Press
Language English
Page count 317
Book Format Hardbound

Categories: Science & Technology

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