Literature & Nation: Britain and India 1800-1990

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Perhaps no two nations in modern times have had a more complex cultural engagement than imperial Britain and colonised India. This unique anthology of stories, poems, historical documents and extracts from novels - most unavailable elsewhere - enables readers to examine the cultures of these two countries in an integrated way.
Introductory chapters by Richard Allen and Harish Trivedi and others set out agendas for reconsideration of classic texts from the period. Major themes include:
The British nation and the colonies
Literature, nation and revolution
Poetry and nation
Liberal dilemmas in England and India
Gandhian nationalism
Independence and after
Post-colonial hybridity
Literature and Nation helps readers understand how critical thinking in the post-colonial area has developed. It also extends the field of post-colonial studies by presenting fresh primary materials translated into English from other languages. It is essential reading for all those interested in Britain and India, in colonial and post-colonial discourse, and in the interface of literature and history.

Subject History
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ISBN 9780415212076
Author Richard Allen and Harish Trivedi
Publisher Routledge
Language English
Page count 400
Book Format Paperback

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