German College Dictionary (Hardbound)

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The HarperCollins German College Dictionary is a standout -- you're holding the best buy on the shelf in your hands right now. Here's why:

  • Easiest to use: This fully revised and updated edition of the Harper Collins German College Dictionary offers in-depth treatment of all areas of language dealing with modern life with particular emphasis given to fields such as business, computing, and new technology, where language developments are most evident. The new edition shows German and English exactly as they are written and spoken today. Idiomatic expressions are highlighted, helping the user to find what he or she is looking for as quickly as possible. In addition, this new edition includes all the latest German spelling.
  • Consistently updated: Harper Collins dictionaries are updated on a regular basis, giving you the edge in reading, writing, and understanding the language.
  • "German in Action" supplement: Invaluable advice on how to express yourself in correct and idiomatic German, as well as special entries on Germany and the German-speaking world.
Subject German Dictionary
Packing Weight 2.5 kg
ISBN 9780060515324
Author Harpercollins
Publisher HarperCollins
Language German
Page count 1408
Book Format Hardbound

Categories: Foreign Languages

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