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You can't always have a computer program or a dictionary handy to check your spelling. And now you don't have to. You can be sure your spelling is letter-perfect. in just a few minutes a day, this tested, proven method will make you a master of flawless spelling.

Norman Lewis, author and educator, gives you his simple, absolutely effective step-by-step method and shows you how to conquer even the most commonly misspelled Words. in this clear, handy reference - perfect for use at home, in school or in the office - you'll discover:

  • Surefire ways to train visual and muscular memory
  • Reinforcement of correct letter patterns
  • Practice in spotting misspellings fast
  • Complete English spelling rules
  • Master Spelling test
  • Authoritative, clear explanations

A Misspelled Dictionary, listing alphabetically the typically incorrect spellings of hundreds of common Words, coupled with the correct or preferred spellings.

Norman Lewis is famous for his adult education courses at New York University and City College. He has written many books on spelling, pronunciation and grammar, including the highly successful Better English.

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Subject English
ISBN 9788183071420
Author Norman Lewis
Publisher WRG
Language English
Page count 394
Book Format Paperback

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