Cocktails With Ideal Food Recipes

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This book provides easy recipes for all those who wish to become skilled bartenders and talented cooks when they entertain their guests, without having any specific expertise and without dedicating too much time and money. At the end of each recipe there is a suggestion for a food accompaniment, with ingredients for four people and step-by-step preparation instructions. The recipe book includes 180 cocktails with food accompaniments and is divided into 12 chapters. Each chapter features 15 drinks from the most famous (Margaritas, Sex on the Beach, White Lady, Black Russian ...) to the most recent ones that may be particularly inviting or typical of a country, or both. Each recipe is divided into the following sections: Origins and special features Ingredients Preparation Serving suggestions A series of pictures that were specially taken for this book illustrate each cocktail.

Subject Cooking
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ISBN 9788854406544
Author Gianfranco Di Niso, Davide Manzoni
Publisher White Star Publishers
Language English
Page count 240
Book Format Hardbound

Categories: Food & Cooking

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