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Each yourself - test your self better English brings a down-to-earth approach to the learning of English grammar, pronunciation and spelling, organized around the problems that most frequently trouble the average literature person. Do you know where your weaknesses lie? Do you know which Word is correct? Why does Van Gogh have such a tremendous (effect, effect) on you? Do you know how to pronounce these Words? succinct - indict/genuine - guillotine/valet - bouquet quay - querulous/homage - herb/chasm - chic Do you know which spelling is correct?ecstasy of ecstasy, anoint or anoint, separate or separate, alright or all right, drunkenness or drunkenness the people you meet from their impressions of you by the way you use your own language. You can achieve greater accuracy, clarity and persuasiveness once you Understand the basic principles of English - once you know not only what is correct, but why it is correct.

Subject English
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ISBN 9788183072526
Author Norman Lewis
Publisher Goyal Saab
Language English
Page count 416
Book Format Paper Back

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