Windows Hacking 2.0

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Windows Hacking 2.0

Microsoft Windows operating system is one of the most popular and widely used platforms in the world today. Millions of systems around the world run on this operating system. This popularity has led Windows to be quite vulnerable, as crackers have targeted Windows for their attacks more than lesser-used operating systems.

Windows Hacking 2.0 throws light on how to tweak the operating system to make the most of all its features, functionality, looks and feel. The comprehensively researched security tips, tricks and hacks covered in this book allow readers to secure Windows better, customize almost all its aspects to suit personal preferences and make it work the extra mile. After reading this book, not only will readers be able to protect their Windows system against the most common vulnerabilities, loopholes and threats, but will also be able to play cool tricks to impress their friends. A fun and light read that will also make the reader more aware of Windows-related security issues and practices.

Want to improve the security of your Windows system? Want to customize the look and feel of your Windows system? Want to control all aspects and features of your Windows System? Want to play harmless pranks on your friends and trick them? Windows Hacking 2.0 will ensure that even you can hack!

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ISBN 9789325956640
Author Ankit Fadia
Publisher Vikas Publishing House Pvt. Ltd.
Language English
Book Format Paperback

Categories: Hardware & Networking

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