Psyschological Testing

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Psyschological Testing 7th Edition

This text provides a succinct and clear analysis of the subject of psychological testing from a contemporary viewpoint and modern perspective, based on a novel approach. For, today more and more new tests and a rich variety of measurement tools are available in the area of psychological testing, and the authors reckon these play a significant role in psychological testing. The book covers various types of tests and their applications, the increased responsibility of users in selecting appropriate tests and methods, interpreting scores, and communicating and using test results. Besides, it provides information on test constructions, i.e. how tests are developed to meet the needs of a test user.

The book also provides simple explanations of some of the widely used and rapidly developing concepts and procedures which are likely to affect psychometric practices in the 21st century, such as computerized adaptive testing, metaanalysis, structural equation modeling, use of cross-cultural testing, and the increasing use of factor analysis in the development of ability testing and personality tests.

Because of the rapid strides made in technological advances, especially in computers and information processing, the text takes into account the increasing influence of computerization in test development, test construction and test administration besides the use of computers in test screening and processing.

This book, with its emphasis on innovative methods of psychological testing and on the need for taking advantage of modern technological advances for psychological testing, should prove to be an essential text for students of psychology and a handy reference for teachers, teacher-trainees, and all those involved in administering psycho-logical tests.

Table of Contents
Preface. Part One: Functions and Origins of Psychological Testing-

    • 1. Nature and Use of Psychological Tests.
    • 2. Historical Antecedents of Modern Testing.

Part Two: Technical and Methodological Principles-

    • 3. Norms and the Meaning of Test Scores.
    • 4. Reliability.
    • 5. Validity: Basic Concepts.
    • 6. Validity: Measurement and Interpretation.
    • 7. Item Analysis.

Part Three: Ability Testing-

    • 8. Individual Tests.
    • 9. Tests for Special Populations.
    • 10. Group Testing.
    • 11. Nature of Intelligence.
    • 12. Psychological Issues in Ability Testing.

Part Four: Personality Testing-

    • 13. Self-Report Personality Inventories.
    • 14. Measuring Interests and Attitudes.
    • 15. Projective Techniques.
    • 16. Other Assessment Techniques.

Part Five: Applications of Testing-

  • 17. Major Contexts of Current Test Use.
  • 18. Ethical and Social Considerations in Testing.
  • Appendixes-
  • A. Alphabetical Listing of Tests and Other Assessment Tools.
  • B. Addresses of Test Publishers, Distributors, and Test-Related Organizations.
  • References.
  • Acknowledgments.
  • Name Index.
  • Subject Index.

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