Super Memory : It Can Be Yours

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Super Memory: It can be Yours is a book for those who need to boost up their memory power. Written by Shakuntala Devi, the recipient of Ramanujan Mathematical Genius Award, this book has everything that needs to be learned to sharpen the memory cells of a human brain. This book is written in a simple and casual language that takes the reader on a journey towards better and improved memory. The book consists of 12 simple steps of memory-enhancing techniques. The author claims that all these techniques can be applied in real life without any hesitation. The content of the book comes from the author’s personal experiences and her life’s work as she has been teaching the same skills for the past 40 years. The book presents a customized plan that takes even the gradual aging of a person into consideration. The steps mentioned in the book teach the readers how to improve their memory with each passing day.

Shakuntala Devi, born on November 4, 1939, is known as the Indian calculating prodigy. Today, she is also known as the author of various best-selling titles, including The Book of Numbers, More Puzzles, and Mathability. Born in a Brahmin family, she always had a fascination for numbers. She is also known as the human computer. Owing to her genius in the subject of mathematics, she has competed at various events against the computer and won. She has her name in the Guinness Book of World Records as well.

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ISBN 9788122205080
Author Shakuntala Devi
Publisher Orient Publishing
Language English
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